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Mom and baby outsideWe offer many services at Rachel’s Hope to our clients in four basic categories.

Physical assistance
We provide free pregnancy screenings and help our clients with the many items they will need for their new baby. We have everything from diapers to quilts. We are able to provide most of their baby’s needs for the first two years of life. We use an Earn While You Learn Program to provide free items to our clients.

Emotional support
This is often the greatest need of our clients. We do not judge our clients, but greet them lovingly. Each visit to the center includes sitting down with one of our peer advisors and discussing feelings and goals. Our peer advisors are trained and experienced in dealing with the many aspects of a crisis pregnancy.

Spiritual support
This support is provided through many avenues. We often pray with our clients if they are comfortable with doing so. We also try to share how God accepts us just as we are. We have a prayer list and we have people from all over who pray for our clients. We do not share names with anyone, as we value confidentiality. We will refer our clients to a church upon their request and only with a signed release of information.

Educational support 
We provide educational support in the form of our Earn While You Learn Program. Our clients have the opportunity to earn “baby credits” by watching videos on many subjects related to parenting. Along with the videos, there are worksheets to complete and homework that usually involves implementing what they have learned and evaluating the effectiveness of the techniques in their own situation. They also earn credits through attending communityecducation programs, physician appointments, WIC appointments, job classes, church, Bible studies, mom’s groups, and appointments with our peer advisors, as well as many other learning opportunities. The “baby credits” are then turned into “baby bucks” to spend in our Baby Boutique, just as they would use money. Our clients are enthusiastic about the program and gain self esteem through earning the items they need for their children.

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Feel free to contact us for more information or stop by our location at 808 Oakland Avenue West, Austin, MN

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