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Praises and Prayers

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Dear Prayer Partners,

Praise God for great turnout and tips at our Pizza Ranch Fundraiser we had on November 9th.  Plan to use the funds made to serve our clients better through new software system we are implementing as well as buying supplies to offer to them when they come in for their appointments to earn while you learn. Praise God for donation of two laptops from Hormel Foods.

Dear prayer partners,

Give a big prayer and thank you to a selfless little girl, who for her birthday asked for donations of diapers and wipes instead of gifts.  This wonderful little gal, Ellery, came in and donated over 900 diapers before her and her family left to do mission work in Haiti. Pray for more selfless acts and for the family who are currently serving in Haiti and helping out so many as they did for us.

Another praise as one of our clients have come to know the Lord as there personal savior through the salvation prayer with one of our volunteers.  Pray they continue to follow and love the Lord and will lead and teach there kids of His Love.

One more praise as we have been searching and praying for a new accountant/bookkeeper and we had answer to prayer.  We found a gal who actually wrote to us with interest in becoming a volunteer.  Big thank you to the Lord for answered prayer as at the time we had someone else lined up, but then they backed out, and Lord had Ryan send us email with her interests and credentials. 

Dear prayer partners,

Give praise to the Lord for the Hormel Foundation who gave us a grant for $3000 for interpreter services and for the Austin Area Foundation who gave  us a grant of $500 for diapers. We will be able to continue services for women and girls because of these grants.

Give praise to the Lord for every person and all the churches who have supported Rachel’s Hope in the past year. God has truly blessed Rachel’s Hope with the support that everyone provides.


We ask for prayer for our clients who need jobs and encouragement to keep looking for a job.

There are some who have come as immigrants who have had to leave a child in their home country so they need to send support to take care of that child.  They are saving to bring that child here.  Pray for them.

Pray for the refugees who have had to flee their home in Myanmar (formerly Burma) because the army was committing genocide against these people.  Pray for them to make all the adjustments to this new country.  Some are Baptists, some are Catholics, and some are Buddhists.  Pray for us to bring the good new of Salvation through Jesus to those who don’t believe.

Pray for the mothers who are facing raising a child alone because the husbands or boy friends have left them.

Pray for the babies and children to come to know their Savior.

Give prayers of thanksgiving for the individuals and churches who support Rachel’s Hope.

Give prayers of thanksgiving for the volunteers who give so much of their time and talents.  Pray for all of us that we will do Gods’ will and not our own.  Pray for God to guide our every decision.

Pray for our nation to stop abortions and choose life.

God Bless You,

Joanne Rasmussen, Volunteer

Thank you for your prayers.

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Praises and Prayers

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  • God was so good to provide us with much needed help in the form of Casey, our intern.  I don’t know how we will make it after she is done!

  • We just had our annual business meeting and we have 2 new board members and 2 that are returning.  We also have 2 new supporting churhes; Austin Christian Fellowship and Bethlehem Free Methodist.
  • We had a healthy baby girl born to one of our clients last week.
  • Gema, who was to work 30 hours for a college class in Human Services, is still with us as a volunteer.  She is creative, and is teaching us some new computer skills.
  • Please pray for these needs:
  • The leadership of Rachel’s Hope, that they are led by God to serve the needs of the young families of our area.  Pray for wisdom and guidance.
Please pray for:
  • Michelle’s sight to be clear and a healing of her eyes.
  • Ester, who is pregnant with twin girls and has had multiple complications.  Pray for a safe delivery, and that she will be able to get the rest she needs.
  • Joska, who is also expecting a baby that has a strong possiblily of having genetic defects.  Also pray for her daughter Lucy, age 6, that has the disease and whose health is very fragile.
  • Maria, who needs a part-time job, and for her school credits to transfer Riverland.
  • Candice, for recovery from a low hemoglobin, and a healthy baby and safe delivery.
  • Casey-affordable, loving day care.
  • Jeannie, needs a steady job
  • Tony, needs a job where he is not discriminated against, for his health, and the health of Joanna and their unborn child.  Also for affordable housing.
  • Tania, that she will be able to learn to appropriately discipline her children.
  • Pam, she has been generous with Rachel’s Hope and suffers from the effects of cancer.  We pray for healing and that she will no longer have to be a shut-in.
  • We pray that God will put a calling upon many volunteers to work in the many areas of our ministry and mission.
  • We pray blessing over our current volunteers and board members.

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