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You may think, “I want to help, but I don’t know if I am able.”  The truth is, everyone can do something. If you can hammer a nail or sort a pair of socks, Rachel’s Hope can use you. There is no skill or talent we cannot utilize and turn into the hands of Jesus, reaching out to women and their families.

In volunteering at Rachel’s Hope, you will join a group of Christians who provide compassion and hope to women who are pregnant, may be pregnant or have children less than two years of age.

We need volunteers now and will need more as our mission grows. Our vision is to have classes on childcare, self-care, finances and Bible studies. We hope to have childcare during client advising meetings, a contact person at each church in our area, a team of speakers to represent Rachel’s Hope in the community and a large prayer support group.

We have volunteer positions that require time commitments from one hour a week to several days a week. We welcome women, men, youth groups, women’s groups, men’s groups, church groups, community groups, etc. We can use your talent just one time or over and over. Plan a work day for your youth, women or men’s group, host a baby shower, help plan a fundraiser or serve as a church contact; the options are endless! We need peer advisors, clothing room attendants, childcare providers and more.

We admit it! We cannot operate Rachel’s Hope without volunteer staff members who are willing to give themselves, their time, their love and their talents to reach out to women and their families who walk through our door. Long story short: we are looking for volunteers. Are you the one God is looking for to make the difference?

Being a volunteer is an easy process. You must fill out an application and interview with our director. Stop by Rachel’s Hope for an application or email a request to rachelshope1@rachelshope-mn.org.

The immediate volunteer needs are:

Peer Advisor – This volunteer position is the only one at Rachel’s Hope that requires a training program. Do you love visiting with and teaching others? This position requires a compassionate, loving, spiritual, unbiased person to meet one-on-one with clients who come to Rachel’s Hope. Your heart will fill with the love of Jesus and the peace of knowing you may have led a client and their family to see the light of hope in a difficult situation.

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Board Member – This volunteer position requires a person interested in participating in the leadership of Rachel’s Hope. The board meets once a month, and the members participate in fundraisers and large events sponsored by Rachel’s Hope.

Volunteers to do general clothes sorting, laundry, yard work, general cleaning, baby equipment cleaning, house repairs, shelf installation, general maintenance work and so on..

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